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Why Choose NW Service?

Greater Quality
  • Better quality means less risk, whether it's burners on a gas grill, or the gears of a bike, our experienced technicians know how to build it right.

  • We stand by our work, if you aren't satisfied, call us, and we will make it right.

  • We have a five-star rating on Amazon Home Services, and an A+ rating with the BBB

Less Hassle 
  • Our In-Store service means your stores will no longer struggle to keep staff trained in product assembly.

  • Our In-Home service means a few hours of our time, could save your entire weekend.

  • We have many technicians that are typically much faster than in-store assemblers, this allows us to keep up with the very seasonal feast/famine nature of assembly work.

  • We can also setup displays, perform repairs, and help order parts.

Cost Savings
  • Our techs are much faster than someone who doesn't regularly build these products 

    • Our techs strive to be efficient in their techniques and using the proper tools.

    • Our prices are very competitive

    • Stores no longer bear the safety and insurance risks of inexperienced employees doing assembly.

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